WARP Enterprise from PIKA Makes Deploying SMB IP-PBX Applications Even Easier

VARs and System Integrators can bring customized voice applications to market faster

Updated: January 07, 2011

OTTAWA, Canada -October 13, 2009 - PIKA Technologies Inc., a leading developer of media-processing hardware and software, today launched WARP Enterprise, a step up from its popular WARP Appliance development platform that provides easier configuration and customization options for Asterisk VARs, system integrators and value-added SIP providers.

When PIKA launched the WARP Appliance 18 months ago, the intention was to provide Asterisk developers with a less expensive, more reliable and much more compact open-source alternative to typical off-the-shelf computers with plug-in voice cards for voice-application deployment. However, Asterisk VARs and system integrators came back to PIKA asking for a stepped-up version of the Appliance configured with more software, reducing the time and expertise required to customize a complete solution for their customer base.

PIKA responded with WARP Enterprise, an IP-PBX platform that includes a number of refinements from the standard WARP Appliance to make configuration and installation much faster and easier. WARP Enterprise is pre-loaded with FreePBX, the leading Asterisk GUI (graphic user interface) with 69 per cent market share, according to Eastern Management Group, that provides pre-programmed functionality through a user-friendly web interface, as well as modules such as IVR. Additional modules can be downloaded from the FreePBX website as easily as clicking a checkbox.

"WARP Enterprise allows our customers to turn around and ship a complete PBX system to their clients in 24 hours, saving weeks and months of development effort," said Terry Atwood, PIKA's vice president of sales, marketing and customer care. "It means we can bring all the convenience and flexibility of our standard WARP Appliance to VARs and system integrators who lack the in-house development expertise to make the most of it."

WARP Enterprise offers a stable platform that avoids the costly consequences of legacy obsolescence and churn typical of a PC-plus-board alternative, which can require updates of hardware, drivers and the operating system as often as every nine months. Compared to the standard WARP Appliance, WARP Enterprise requires technical capability only at the configuration and programming level without the need for code writing. However, it remains a customizable solution that allows PIKA's customers to put their brand on the system's chassis, LCD and administration GUI.

UniVoIP turns to WARP for the SOHO market

UniVoIP, a business-VoIP and hosted-PBX services provider in Ottawa, Canada that serves businesses with 20 users or less, turned to PIKA's WARP portfolio because of its key advantages over a PC-based solution and its affordability for the small office/home office market.

"PIKA's WARP Enterprise solution had everything we were looking for," said UniVoIP president Jamie Love. "We wanted a robust, solid-state solution in a much smaller and more affordable footprint than is possible with a PC system, and that could reside at the client site without fear of it being copied. Familiarity was key. We have a larger enterprise solution based on Asterisk and FreePBX, so adapting to WARP Enterprise took no time at all. It was also important to us that we could integrate into a WARP system a third-party Quality of Service (QOS) solution."

Suretec Telecom finds WARP Enterprise 'rock solid

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Suretec Systems has recently launched a new telecom business to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses looking for cost-effective and highly featured telephone systems.

"PIKA's WARP Enterprise PBX platform is the perfect fit for Suretec's new Telecom business," said Suretec managing director Gavin Henry.

"It is so flexible in how it can be deployed and configured, yet remains a rock solid platform for any enterprise.

"Our customers have all expressed interest in not only the huge cost savings that can be achieved with open source products, but the feature richness, stability and support," Henry added. "WARP Enterprise meets the cost targets and also saves us recurring integration expenses over the long run, with stable components that don't churn on a yearly basis."

CTI-PRO gets 'right tool to win'

CTI-PRO s.r.o., a long-time distributor of PIKA products based in the Czech Republic, found itself challenged by the development expertise required by the standard WARP Appliance.

"WARP Enterprise PBX platform creates a unique opportunity for us in the SOHO segment, which was unreachable for us as Dialogic distributor," said CTI-PRO product manager Jir­ Nhl­k. "The system can be supplied to a skilled end user or deployed by a system integrator. Its unique black box concept wins against PC-based Asterisk solutions, or even more expensive PBX vendors' SIP solutions. PIKA has given us the right tool to win in a price-sensitive market."

See WARP Enterprise at Astricon 2009

See PIKA's WARP Enterprise at Booth 104 of AstriCon 2009, The Open Source Telephony Conference and Exhibition, taking place Oct. 13 to 15 in Glendale Ariz., and enter a draw to win one of two WARP Enterprise systems.

About PIKA Technologies

PIKA Technologies for over two decades has been providing developers with the tools they need to build advanced voice and fax applications like IP PBX, fax broadcast and self-service IVR. As the technology landscape has changed, so too has PIKA, building out its product offering so its customers can choose the right tool set for their applications. Whether building applications using board-based media processing or using host-based solutions, application developers of all kinds turn to PIKA for their development tools.

In addition to its traditional line of hardware and software solutions, PIKA now offers a family of appliances that provide top-quality performance out of the box. PIKA sells these products directly and also makes them available through its growing network of resellers and distributors. Known for its exceptional customer service, PIKA's customers can expect the same high level of personalized, fast and free support that the company has always delivered. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the company has ranked in The Branham 300, an authoritative ranking of successful Canadian high tech firms, for six consecutive years. Visit www.pikatechnologies.com or call +1-613-591-1555 for more information.

Asterisk is a registered trademark of Digium Inc. FreePBX is a registered trademark of Bandwidth.com.

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