Grandstream Announces Interoperability of IP Video/Voice CPE Solutions with Sonus Networks

Updated: January 06, 2011

BROOKLINE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Grandstream Networks, the leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions, today announced the completion of interoperability with the Sonus IP core networking solutions, delivering the utmost reliable, cost-effective and advanced voice/video experience to worldwide service provider and business customers. Using Grandstream’s award-winning SIP/VoIP CPE endpoints with the Sonus core network platforms significantly reduces the time and expense required to implement advanced IP visual communication and security solutions. It also reinforces the importance of embracing open IP standards to deliver affordable HD voice, multimedia voice/video and surveillance/physical security solutions to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The interoperability testing encompassed a host of Grandstream’s advanced CPE solutions, including the new GXP enterprise HD SIP phones and the widely popular GXV3140 IP multimedia phone.

“We believe in bringing the best solutions to the market and showcasing the possibilities afforded by Sonus’s linearly scalable IP core platforms,” said Aashu Virmani, senior director of marketing for Sonus Networks. “Interoperating with Grandstream Networks allows us to advance an end-to-end ecosystem that brings to life the cutting-edge experiences of HD Voice and high-definition video between locations – examples of things that are becoming more relevant and timely for our customers.”

The new GXP series of enterprise SIP telephones feature superior HD voice quality to worldwide enterprise and call center customers in need of advanced IP functionality and crystal clear communications. Encompassing broad SIP interoperability and integrated web applications, the GXP series also includes auto provisioning for easy mass deployment.

For enterprise and residential customers seeking a more advanced, integrated multimedia experience with free video calling and instant access to real-time web and social multimedia applications, Grandstream’s award-winning GXV3140 IP multimedia phone is available. With a 4.3” digital color LCD screen, the ‘always-on’ GXV3140 delivers free video calling as well as has an integrated web browser giving convenient, one-touch access to personalized RSS feeds of real-time online information services (news updates, stock updates, weather forecasts, directory searches, etc.), thousands of Internet radio stations, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) and popular streaming Internet entertainment sites like YouTube and To explore all the ways to stay connected using the GXV3140, view this brief video:

The GXV IP video surveillance cameras for SMBs provide a unique advantage to converge video surveillance with voice communication applications. Businesses can reduce the cost and time associated with installing surveillance systems while achieving a greater level of functionality and flexibility for remote video monitoring/control. With Grandstream, businesses can stream all monitoring activity to a mobile or video phone, from anywhere in the world, using Grandstream’s 2-way audio and video streaming capability. Live video feeds from Grandstream’s surveillance cameras can also be routed through Grandstream’s GXE502x IP PBX and streamed onto Grandstream’s IP video endpoints like the GXV3140.

“We are pleased to have successfully completed testing our integrated solutions with Sonus and look forward to extending our award-winning products and solutions to Sonus customers worldwide that significantly improve user experience for voice, video and surveillance applications,” said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. “Customers will quickly realize that Grandstream’s IP voice, video, multimedia, and surveillance solutions are easily implemented and will greatly improve business productivity, generate new revenues and garner the best investment return.”

These solutions were recently showcased at Sonus’s Connexions 2010 meeting in Florida.

About Sonus Networks

Sonus Networks, Inc. is a leader in IP networking with proven expertise in delivering secure, reliable and scalable next-generation infrastructure and subscriber solutions. With customers in over 50 countries across the globe and over a decade of experience in transforming networks to IP, Sonus has enabled service providers and enterprises to capture and retain users and generate significant ROI. Sonus products include media and signaling gateways, policy/routing servers, session border controllers and subscriber feature servers. Sonus products are supported by a global services team with experience in design, deployment and maintenance of some of the world's largest and most complex IP networks. For more information, visit

About Grandstream Networks

Founded in 2002, Grandstream Networks is the leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions. Grandstream serves the small-to-medium business and consumer markets with innovative products that lower communication costs, increase security protection, and enhance productivity. Our open standard SIP-based products offer broad interoperability in the industry, unrivaled features, flexibility, and price-performance competitiveness. Visit for more information.

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