Panasonic Shows Two Cutting-Edge HD Visual Communications Systems At InfoComm 2011

By Neil Zawacki
Updated: June 17, 2011

Panasonic Shows Two Cutting-Edge HD Visual Communications Systems At InfoComm 2011

On June 15, 2011, Panasonic announced that it will be unveiling its next generation High Definition Visual Communications Systems (HDVC) at InfoComm 2011. The two new systems are designated as KX-VC600 and KX-VC300 and will be available at the Orange County Convention Center in Panasonic Booth #3829.

The KX-VC600 and KX-VC300 feature a compact and lightweight design that takes up 54% less space than the VC500, another HDVC system that is made by Panasonic. The portability of the two systems is further enhanced since they both weigh 4.4 lbs.

The two new systems also have very low bandwidth requirements. The KX-VC600 and KX-VC300 only need 3 Mbps to achieve 1090i or 1.5 Mbps to achieve 720p. This should allow small businesses to enjoy optimal performance without having to obtain a high bandwidth connection.

The KX-VC600 and KX-VC300 also both have a computer connection and sub-camera connection. This should greatly improve communication when one party is showing another a computer screen or alternate camera image.

The graphical resolution and point-to-point options for the two systems differ slightly. The KX-VC600 has 1920 x 1090i with multi-point video conferencing, while the KX-VC300 has 1280x720p and two point-to-point (with an option for four point-to-point) video conferencing. Both systems have 360 degree full duplex audio for enhanced sound quality.

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