HP Virtual Conferences Tackle Data Center Transformation Trends, Methods, Solutions

Updated: July 07, 2010

The free, half-day virtual events, organized by region, explore IT strategies and solutions to avoid performance pitfalls and to achieve more predictable results. They discuss DCT and explore approaches for delivering significantly higher data center results in a shorter time-frame. The purely online events also provide keynotes and other "auditorium" sessions, an exhibit area, and an opportunity to network online. [Disclosure: HP is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

Keynote speaker Donna Scott, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst with Gartner research, will present "Choosing the right data center and IT architecture to meet the needs of the business."

Other sessions include:

  • Three signs that it's time to transform your data center
  • Building a converged infrastructure environment to overcome application and IT sprawl in the data center
  • Data center facilities optimization strategies for design, reliability and environmental efficiency
  • Closing keynote case study: Data center transformation results in billion dollar annual savings.
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