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Updated: April 14, 2022

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, is an essential tool in any modern business no matter its size. The primary purpose of CRM software is to manage all aspects of the relationship with existing and prospective customers. Typical CRM solutions provide features in two distinct areas:

  • One is for the prospective customer and is also sometimes referred to as SFA or Sales Force Automation. This software manages the relationship with prospective customers and the relationship with the customer throughout the sales cycle.
  • The other part of the CRM equation is managing the relationship with customers post-sale, everything from service and support to ongoing marketing. It can cover areas as diverse as self-service solutions to customer complaint and problems through to managing a product repair and escalating conflicts with customers to higher management levels.

Once you understand the range of offerings in the market and, most important, which features matter to you and to your business, then you are halfway to being able to shortlist some CRM solutions. However, in order to compare accurately the different offerings, you will want to review the CompareBusinessProducts CRM Comparison Chart where we list most of the solutions on the market as well as their features, capabilities and price ranges. This comparison chart is the most comprehensive available and is in a convenient Excel format so you can search and filter it easily.

Download the CompareBusinessProducts CRM Comparison chart here

Browse our online tool below to get a head start on your CRM decision making.

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