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Updated: April 14, 2022

Broadband solutions (also known as bandwidth solutions, Internet service, or Internet access) are now an essential, even commodity, part of a company’s networking needs. Essentially broadband or internet access is provided as a commodity service by either a telecommunications or a cable company or sometimes a satellite company. These services all connect you to the internet via a pipe and you get charged based on the size of the pipe (how fast your data access and transfer speeds will be) and the volume of data that gets transferred through the pipe. It is quite likely that your phone service will be provided over the same connection and often by the same company. Many business applications and services rely on data transfer over Internet connections and for all of these services bandwidth is critical.

Despite the commodity nature of broadband, there are subtle differences that can be critical to the success or failure of a service for your needs. The type of access (typically DSL, T1 or optical) can make a difference. So can the specific service provisions. But most critical is service and support as outlined in the contract or Service Level Agreement that guarantees your service.

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We have provided two great tools to help you make broadband or bandwidth decisions. The first is the CompareBusinessProducts Broadband Buyers Guide which covers all the relevant features and issues you need to understand before you sign a contract. And the second is the CompareBusinessProducts Broadband Comparison Guide which compares the major providers, the services they offer and how to contact them for further information.

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