Literature Fulfillment Using CRM

Updated: March 02, 2010

One sure way to reduce operational cost is to create a knowledge management database that supports the constant needs of your prospect or customer base from product brochures to annual financials to credit application forms to contract templates. Why should you dedicate any human capital when this can be done so much more efficiently through the right CRM automation? You shouldn't!

So, how can CRM solutions help again?

Well, when you visit a website, they often ask to your create an account or login before you can view certain information or before you can request to see a demo of a product. Once you do that, the CRM system immediately tracks your every move and at that point is able to match your request or your web page visits to information that you may find useful. This information is then automatically emailed to you in a timely manner in the delivery method that you have selected.

That's it… pretty simple for the prospect or customer since they had to do little to request the information they need to make a decision.

Literature Fulfillment using CRM can handle a multitude of activities including ongoing communication relating to product offerings, updates, recalls, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and more! You can also schedule drip marketing relating to literature fulfillment.

Of-course Literature Fulfillment is not simply limited to someone visiting your website. It can also be used to fulfill request that comes through your customer service or sales department. The goal is for the agent to quickly search for the information being requested and quickly send it to the person requesting the information with minimal effort.

The best part about CRM is that every activity is tracked — regardless of how it was requested or how it was delivered to the end user. This allows for historical audits when necessary for certain industries.

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