The Top 25 HR Blogs

Updated: September 29, 2015

Surveying the HR blogosphere can be like searching for a rose in a desert. The landscape is littered with abandoned efforts, but there is a close-knit family.

  1. Career Hub : This blog focuses on career and job-search strategies and tactics. No fewer than 24 career-counseling and employment professionals contribute to its content. Career Hub contains a wealth of information.
  2. Cheezhead : Author Joel Cheesman is one of the most widely read bloggers on emerging recruitment issues and has won several "best of" awards in the category. The tiniest new development doesn't get past Cheesman, and he's guaranteed to blog about it.
  3. SixDegrees from Dave : Dave Mendoza is recognized for his expertise in the integration of sourcing methodologies, employment branding and recruitment techniques. SixDegrees from Dave spotlights HR industry leaders, sourcing gurus, global staffing practices and social networking .
  4. Gautam Ghosh : A prolific blogger, HR management consultant Gautam Ghosh writes from India, though most of his posts on every conceivable HR topic have a global tone to them.
  5. Insourced's Employment and Jobs Blog : It's hard to say which is more attractive, the blog or the job-search engine. The blog touches on issues ranging from job hunting to work/life balance, while the search engine covers the entire United States.
  6. Evil HR Lady : Written anonymously by "an HR professional in a Fortune 500 company," this blog reeks of "been there." The Evil HR Lady has seen it all, done it all and blogs about it all.
  7. good to know : Martin Burns, recruiting manager for ZoomInfo Inc., writes this blog about career-search and recruitment practices. Tips on interviewing from either side of the desk, how to source candidates online, what to wear (never sandals) and how to write a cover letter are all covered.
  8. GoodRecruits : Robert Merrell, a technical recruiter and talent manager for executives, hiring managers and job seekers, writes the GoodRecruits blog. His main theme is how to use blogs as marketing and communications tools in job searches or recruiting.
  9. HR Tests : Written by Bryan Baldwin, an HR consultant in Olympia, Wash., this blog has timely news of laws, regulations, products and conferences concerning testing and assessment instruments. Baldwin also writes the HR Coal blog, which deals primarily with the management of technical talent.
  10. HR Thoughts : A good all-around HR blog covering everything from recruitment to EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) to performance evaluations to professional book reviews and more. It's written by Lisa Rosendahl, an HR manager in a medical facility.
  11. YourHRGuy : Written by Lance Haun, an HR generalist practicing in the field for the past five years, this blog runs the gamut — from recruitment and team building to training and development and employee relations.
  12. Dr. John Sullivan & Associates : Sullivan is a consultant to management on everything related to HR. His blog is full of articles on college recruiting, employee-screening and -assessment tests, training, and new-hire orientation .
  13. HR and Strategies : This graduate student combines HR philosophies and news in a blog that is at once thoughtful and informative.
  14. HR Daily Advisor : Published by BLR Business & Legal Reports, a vendor of training aids and resources for HR professionals, HR Daily Advisor offers a deep and broad archive of tips on ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), compensation, FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)/wages, harassment , hiring and recruiting, general HR management, and more.
  15. : is all about things that can be measured and how to measure them — from retention effectiveness to home worker productivity.
  16. HR Web Café : This blog concerns general workplace issues, employment matters and work trends. Sponsored by ESI Employee Assistance Group (an EAP), its posts are frequent and detailed.
  17. Breaking Human Resource News : This is a welcome blog, serving up constantly updated news about products and services for the HR professional, from software to EAPs.
  18. CharlotteRecruiting : Written by a recruiting specialist in Charlotte, N.C., this blog has advice on managing staffing firms, interviewing and other recruiting topics.
  19. Jibber Jobber : Jason Alba runs this popular blog, which is heavy on summaries and links to other HR bloggers' posts. This is a great blog for quickly scanning the best posts of the day. Jason's own posts and guest bloggers make insightful reading, too.
  20. Chief Happiness Officer : Consultant Alexander Kjerulf teaches HR departments and entrepreneurs how to transform their workplaces from dreary and stressful to fun, energized and happy.
  21. Generations@Work : This blog will help you relieve the tensions among Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y workers. It is written by Russell Eckel, an expert in organizational and workforce development who now consults mainly on the Millenial Generation.
  22. Human Resources 101 : As the title implies, this blog steps through the nitty-gritty of HR management and policy development, with topics such as "How Graphic Should A Workplace Safety Ad Be?" and "50 Behavior-Based Interview Questions."
  23. Employment Law Blog : Check out this great blog to learn how to throw an office party without being sued, download forms, stay abreast of employee-rights decisions and much more.
  24. Inside Human Resources Blog : A good place to learn about trends in workforce demographics and the attitudes of younger generations.
  25. The Human Capitalist : A well-informed review of news about HR technology written by industry guru Jason Corsello, a vice president with HR technology consultancy Knowledge Infusion.
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