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Updated: October 03, 2016

Q: I manage a fleet of about 50 trucks. It's a big fleet, and it can be difficult to keep track of all the drivers I have out at once. Is there a fleet management software that's right for me?


A: Thank you for your question! As you have pointed out, managing a large fleet of trucks and organizing your drivers in an efficient manner can become very difficult, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes as the size of your fleet grows.

With a large fleet of 50 trucks, you are definitely in a position to benefit greatly by utilizing a Fleet Management System.

All of the leading Fleet Management Software solutions on the market will provide tremendous value and help you streamline your business through great benefits such as:

  • Simplifying scheduling for drivers and deliveries
  • Increasing efficiency through optimal routes provided by GPS
  • Monitoring vehicles in real time
  • Tracking vehicle maintenance routines
  • Reducing fuel costs through consumption tracking

However, based on the size of your fleet, we have a couple recommendations: ArcFleet and Chevin Fleet Solutions.




ArcFleet is a complete Fleet Management software solution designed to help drive your profits by maximizing the organization and efficiency of your vehicles and drivers.

For an affordable monthly fee per user, this cloud-based software offers robust tools for monitoring and training drivers, tracking vehicle locations in real time, increasing fuel efficiency, and improving efficiency through extensive GPS features.

ArcFleet also has a mobile app for drivers to use of added convenience and efficiency on the road.


Chevin Fleet Solutions


Chevin Fleet solutions is a leader in the fleet management industry, with over 25 years of experience and innovation in the field. Chevin offers several on-site and cloud-based software solutions for fleet management, which can be customized to the size and needs of your fleet for a one-time fee.

The initial investment for this type of Fleet Management software is more expensive, but for large fleets is an excellent investment offering features such as:

  • Tools for managing drivers and optimizing their performance
  • Dispatch and route management features
  • Fuel consumption tracking and management tools
  • Vehicle health assessment and maintenance tracking
  • Advanced reporting tools for identifying savings and analyzing driver performance


Bonus Tip: As you consider your Fleet Management options, and determine which one is best for your needs, you can use the questions below to help guide your purchasing process and choose the best solution for your fleet:

  • How will your drivers access the application, and what features will best improve their efficiency?
  • If you are already using a GPS system, is it compatible with your Fleet Management software selection?
  • Will you need to integrate your Fleet Management system with other software programs?
  • What kind of ROI can you predict you’ll achieve by investing in a Fleet Management system?
  • What level of support will my drivers need on the system?

We hope this information helps guide your decision while selecting a Fleet Management Software solution for your large fleet. Please let us know if you have any other questions or software recommendation needs for your business.


Images courtesy of Zlatko Najdenovski from Flaticon, licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0
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