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A look into datacentres in 2025: Emerson Network Power

The Data Center 2025: Exploring the Possibilities (PDF) survey showed there will be big changes in how data centers will be powered, with belief a mix of sources will be used to provide electrical power to data centers.

HP shares tank after accidental quarterly earnings release; up to 16K more job cuts coming

Revenue in the fiscal quarter ended April 30 was $27.3 billion, with earnings per share of 88 cents. Analysts had been expecting higher revenue of $27.43 billion and 88 cents per share in net income.

You make it, we break it: CERN's particle smashers list their toughest tech challenges

CERN openlab is a partnership between CERN and IT companies including Intel and Oracle to develop new technology for scientific researchers. Read more

IBM just bought Watson a whole closet full of personalities

Cognea, founded in 2005, offered MyCyberTwin virtual agents, which it described as “highly accurate, able to handle complex tasks, always in a good mood, [able to] speak many languages and work day and night.”

Cisco staffs up cloud unit, taps Dimension Data for hybrid delivery

Cisco turns the focus to its burgeoning enterprise cloud department on the second day of its IT expo, Cisco Live, announcing key internal appointments.

Finland's 'safe harbour for data' becomes reality with funding for Sweden-free cable

Finland's government is touting the nation as a safe harbour for data after it granted funding for a new cable through the Baltic Sea to Germany.

These 3 startups are using IBM’s Watson supercomputer (as a service)

On Friday, IBM named three new partners in its burgeoning Watson initiative, following its decision to make Watson available as a managed service. Read more

Rackspace entertains possible takeover suiters

Rackspace's "board decided to hire Morgan Stanley to evaluate the inbound strategic proposals and to explore other alternatives which could advance Rackspace's long-term strategy.

AMD continues its ARM push in ‘ambidextrous’ vision for server & mobile chips

Cloud providers and big companies run their own data centers with servers containing conventional CPUs, but the low-power, scale-out ARM age is coming. Read more

Server and Network Updates: Are You Making the Right Move With Your Next Upgrade?

Technology is always changing and your business will have to update its server and network systems on a regular basis... read more

IBM reveals the details on its powerful new Power servers

Just because IBM has sold off its low-end server business doesn’t mean it wants out of the server market entirely. Learn more

Microservers and the hurry up and wait conundrum

Microservers, designed for specific workloads, low power and tight spaces, are widely thought to be the future of the data center. The disagreements come when you start talking timelines.

New IBM Services Target Security And Disaster Recovery

That’s the idea behind IBM’s Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR), which will keep virtualized instances of your most critical applications and data in the SoftLayer cloud, regardless of whether your services are run primarily in SoftLayer or in your own data center or private cloud.

Infrastructure as a service: Really only a three-horse race?

Should your business retain its in-house datacenter or outsource it? What are the drivers and barriers when it comes to cloud infrastructure? We look at recent research on key IT architecture questions.

'It's the size of the fight in the dog': Privacy scandals opening up cloud market to Europe's startups

The UpCloud pitch for twitchy US customers is simple: host their data on the company’s Chicago servers but store users' personal information in Finland, where it's protected under Finnish law...

A Look Into How Data Centers Actually Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic, developed by WhoIsHostingThis, gives us some great insights how these data centers actually work and what is required to keep them storing your data.

Low Latency a High Priority When Choosing a Data Center Location

The takeaway from a data center operation perspective has seemed clear: A shorter distance from the data center to the end user means less latency, which in turn means better performance

UNSW undertakes AI research to create elastic cloud

Srikumar Venugopal hopes to make the elastic cloud computing a reality using artificial intelligence — a method more commonly associated with robotics than IT.

Is application virtualization the answer for Windows 2003 Server users?

Not too long ago Greg O'Connor, CEO of AppZero, contacted me to explain that Microsoft and AppZero were working together to help companies still running windows applications on Windows Server 2003 to run their applications on a newer version of the operating system. O'Connor offered the following statistics that were gathered from a number of sources to help me understand the industry pain that AppZero hopes to address: 75% of the machines in the Fortune 5000 are Windows Server machines 55% of the Window Servers in production are WS2003, totaling 12-13 million machines July 14, 2015 is Microsoft's planned date to end support for Windows Server 2003 Less than 25% of the Fortune 5000 IT survey have a plan for WS2003 end of support. He would point out that AppZero's application virtualization tools are a very good way to easily move on.

SMBs: 5 Tips for CRM success

For any SMB considering adopting a CRM solution, but lacking the processes, budget, and resources of a large organisation here’s five tips to help ensure success. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be a costly or time consuming exercise for SMBs. You will get just what you need to achieve your objectives in the most efficient and cost effective way.