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2015 Marketing Nation Online Conference

Published August 05, 2015
Join 30,000+ marketers for the most innovative online conference of the year! Come hear the CMO of Mashable and other heads of marketing from LinkedIn, Pandora, Virgin America at the 2015 Marketing Nation Online conference and take a peek into the next era of marketing!

Customer Relationship Management 101

Published July 28, 2015
Learn about the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management systems, and boost your company's productivity and profits. The process of successfully implementing a CRM solution just got easier.

Develop a Successful Mobile CRM Strategy

Published July 13, 2015
Discover how to successfully deploy a mobile CRM system! Get the tips and tactics needed to introduce this exciting new technology to your business.

CRM, the New Pillar of Your Business

Published July 10, 2015
Don't regard Customer Relationship Management merely as a tool to perform sales transactions and order processing activities. Read our guide to understand how to get more value out of a CRM system by utilizing its full potential.

CRM 101: Key CRM Metrics Explained

Published July 07, 2015
Discover the right metrics to increase the efficiency of your business's CRM system. Pick the right combination of measurements to track success and areas for improvement.

Progressive CRM Solutions for Your Business

Published June 19, 2015
CRM solutions are no longer the sole province of large tech companies. Learn about the businesses putting out niche CRM systems perfect for your specific business needs.

Accelerate Your Sales Performance

Published May 29, 2015
If you want to grow your sales and establish a transparent sales process, you need an easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management system. Read this eBook form Salesforce to learn how to use CRM to make lasting connections with your prospects and close sales.

Your Complete CRM Handbook

Published May 29, 2015
A good CRM will help you gain key business insights that help you close more deals, boost sales, and improve forecasting accuracy. But is now the right time for you? This Salesforce study helps you decide if and when your business should invest.

A Quick Peek at Salesforce Sales Cloud

Published May 27, 2015
The way to grow your business is to get to know your customers personally. The way to get to know your customers is with Salesforce. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how Salesforce really works — and how it can help your business get results.

Unlock the Power of Your CRM System

Published May 01, 2015
Learn about new inventive ways to capitalize on your CRM system and unlock unexpected opportunities.

Residential Home Health Improves Patient Care with Salesforce

Published April 14, 2015
Quantify the benefits and ROI of Salesforce CRM with this IDC case study that showcases how Residential Home Health sought technology to support its business and better served its patients.

2015 State of the Connected Patient

Published April 14, 2015
Get the Salesforce "2015 State of the Connected Patient” report to understand what is the current state of patient care in the US and understand what the future of health looks like for patients and providers.

Top CRM Trends to Look Out for in 2015

Published March 31, 2015
A CRM has a ROI of $5.60 for every dollar spent. Studies have shown that a CRM can boost employee productivity by 15% to 17%. Under the circumstances can you afford to overlook the major trends 2015 has in store for you?

CRM SOlutions: The Unusual Suspects

Published February 11, 2015
What's new in the CRM space in 2015? Our new white paper looks at new and disruptive innovations as well as new and innovative CRM vendors. Get our guide to learn more!

The Untold Costs of a CRM Implementation

Published December 29, 2014
The benefits of CRM are well known. However, a successful CRM project comes at a price. On top of the initial purchase, businesses usually end up spending more to get the system up and running. Read on to learn about the untold costs of CRM!

Project Manage Your CRM Implementation

Published November 04, 2014
Our new infographic "How to Manage Your CRM Implementation Project" uses the experiences of a CRM project manager to give you a direct and very real example of the challenges and successes of CRM implementation. Plan and execute your project like a pro with this infographic.

CRM Solutions for SMBs

Published October 10, 2014
Learn from the challenges of other small-medium businesses like you, to simplify the process of finding the right CRM solution for your specific business needs and reap the benfefits a CRM can provide, from increased sales opportunities, improved customer service and improved overall efficiency.

The CRM Demo Handbook

Published September 15, 2014
You already know that a CRM Package is a viable solution to your business needs. Now the task is finding the best package for your unique business. There are many options to choose from with varying features, benefits and prices. How can you figure out which one is right for you? This is where CRM Demos come in.

How CRM Improves the Way We Nurture Leads

Published September 08, 2014
Do you know that 50% of your leads are qualified to purchase but not ready to buy? Are you aware that 80% of these reluctant buyers eventually commit within 24 months? Lead nurturing is the process by which prospects that aren’t ready to invest right away are kept engaged and interactive with the help of informative and educational content. And this, is where an efficient CRM solution becomes critical!

The Costs of Delaying CRM

Published August 20, 2014
Selecting and implementing a CRM solution is a long and arduous project and gaining management support and tackling objections is part of the implementation process. This paper looks at the main reasons why CRM projects are delayed and the real costs of indecision.

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